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Choice, Choice Extra, Choice Ultimate, Premier, and even Business Options are available.




As low as $24.99 a month with a two year agreement.


"DirecTV offers Newburgh Ny bundling options with multiple satellite internet providers" - It has a bundle for either Exede and Hughes

Top notch sports options , including NFL Sunday Ticket, which Dish doesn't offer. It's one of the primary reasons to choose Newburgh Ny DirecTV over the competition, and it's not to be understated either; being able to watch live games every Sunday through the NFL is one of Newburgh Ny DirecTV's strongest suits. You can view up to eight different games in high definition, and you can even watch those games remotely through a computer, tablet, or phone device thanks to the mobile compatiability of Newburgh Ny DirecTV's hardware. Other sports options like Fuel TV and NBA League Pass are also great to have if you're a fan of all things athletic.

3D programming is available for those who have capable television sets. From Pay-Per-View content to premium programming channels that offer it, including ERSPN3D, DirecTV Newburgh Ny is one of the few providers that will actually offer 3D television for consumers. While 3D TVs can be a considerable investment, you can get a home theater experience with the proper setup and the right programming, which is exactly what Newburgh Ny DirecTV brings to the table. As with all other programming, the 3D offerings are featured in crisp, high definition detail, so that you feel like you're actually there. Owners of 3D TVs should consider DirecTV to be an absolute must buy.

Mobile-friendly applications make it easy for you to control your Newburgh Ny DIRECTV programming from a cellphone or tablet. You can watch shows whenever you want on a mobile device, set up your DVR through that device, and even set parental controls. Mobile applications are the future when it comes to getting in with new consumer markets, and Newburgh Ny DirecTV has paid attention by offering a very user-friendly and powerful app for customers at every package level.

DVR options are also a positive; while the actual Newburgh Ny DirecTV DVR unit, “The Genie,” offers half as much space as DishTV's Hopper, the Newburgh Ny DirecTV hardware is easily compatible with your own HD DVR and TiVo unit. If you're the type of gadget loving television fan that wants to have more control over your programming and when you watch it, then you should find that DirecTV Newburgh Ny is easy to play ball with. The Genie itself does offer a fairly spacious 1 TB hard drive that can record several HD channel programming, with up to 5 different channels recording at the same time.

Reliable pricing cannot be overlooked either. Some consumers may be put off by Newburgh Ny DirecTV's two year contracts, but keep in mind that many satellite and cable television providers give you a lower price for the first three months, and than a higher price than Newburgh Ny DirecTV's afterward with a year agreement, or longer. If you actually calculate how much you will pay over that period when compared to Newburgh Ny DirecTV's two year plan, you will often find that you come out saving money. You also won't have to worry about your provider springing any extra costs on you from seemingly nowhere, which is always welcome news.

Affordable premium packages are also a welcome sight for consumers that want to enjoy HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and more. Like Dish, Newburgh Ny DirecTV offers three months of free premium channels, and a rate of $12.99 or less per premium channel depending on package and current promotional deal. All premium channels come with multiple channels themselves, with Starz alone offering consumers 15 different channel options. Newburgh Ny DirecTV also offer a free one year subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket with packages from Choice and above.

The Final Verdict

In the race to get more homes connected with satellite, Newburgh Ny DirecTV and DishTV are the two names that come up the most, and with very good reasons. Both have a lot to offer to the market, and both have a solid reputation for customer service, free installation, and more. DirecTV Newburgh Ny stands out in particular because of its NFL Game Day coverage, and its extremely flexible hardware, all of which comes with reasonable costs and no obligation of purchase.

While it's not as strong as Dish's Hopper DVR, Newburgh Ny DirecTV's Genie also shouldn't be underestimated; 1 TB of space and compatibility with TiVo and other HD DVR hardware makes it a nice option to have, and one that consumers may welcome if they already use and enjoy TiVo, but would like a little extra space at no cost. Genie is included with programming packages, so it never hurts to have more room for your favorite shows.

Finally, Newburgh Ny DirecTV's on-screen and mobile applications are all made with the consumer in mind. Usability is intuitive, interfaces are smooth, and turning them on and off is an overall fluid experience. It makes television a bit more interactive than it has been in the past, and can really enhance your overall experience, especially if you're the type of consumer that loves controlling everything with your cell phone.

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